Cliff always wins.
Cliff knows how to win Cliff is an outstanding strategy tax lawyer - Frank M. 6/12/2015

Clifford Ribner discovered that I wasn't liable at all
I've been stressed out for years with notices from the IRS on notices that could take me decades to repay, and only if they didn't charge interest and penalties. Clifford Ribner went through all of the paperwork I received and several other sources. He carefully reviewed the details and ultimately noticed the most important thing. I'm not personally liable. I've saved more than I could not have paid back in a lifetime. - Tony B. 6/10/2015

Tax Attacks by the IRS
After fighting with the IRS for over a year about an unfair tax audit for one year, the IRS decided to audit back 6 years. I knew that I had to hire an attorney. I spoke with several tax attorneys but Cliff Ribner was the only one who really seemed to listen to my problem. He wiped my teas away, and made me feel much better about my situation. Hiring him was the best decision that I made. He is not only and expert in tax laws, but he is caring and what he charged me doesn't even compare to the tens of thousands and thousands of dollars that he has saved me. If you ever need a tax attorney, save yourself a lot of time and just call him first. You will not regret it! - Patty H. 5/26/2015

Extremely qualified
I have been a client of Mr Ribner for several years. Needless to say, it has taken years of dealing with the IRS to rectify my tax situation. We first approached Mr Ribner as a representative for us with the IRS. He examined our returns, amended several years, and was able to have the IRS reverse their opinion and drop any activity having to do with the years in question. We started out looking for a way to pay our taxes and Mr Ribner was able to rectify our returns, handle any questions and represent us in both State and Federal Tax Courts. Mr Ribner is amiable, talks in a way that normal tax payers can understand and knows people in the tax system and how to get things done. I highly recommend Mr Ribner as an Attorney who can handle any tax problems and keeps the State and Federal tax agents from any harassing or vindictive actions. I would like to publicly thank Mr Ribner for helping correct my mistakes with the IRS and the State Tax system. - Roy S. 5/18/2015

Knowledge and Experience
Mr. Ribner is an amazing attorney that helped us with a very complex tax situation. We had used several other people with no results or closure and Cliff was able to help us with professionalism and accuracy! So thankful for him! - Kimberly K. 5/11/2015

Clifford is awesome.
Mr. Ribner is simply the best around here. He knows his stuff, will be straight with you, and is a really cool guy to boot. Highly recommended. - Stephen C. 5/9/2015

Reputable interface with the IRS
The massive size of the IRS is almost incomprehensible. The complexity of IRS regulations is nearly immeasurable. The power of the IRS seems to overshadow both of the above. When the IRS comes knocking at your door, you need the support of someone who can manage the size, understand the regulations, and offset the forces aligned against you. Clifford Ribner is that person. He gave me clarity on what to do ... and what not to do. He gave me confidence in solving the problem. And he got RESULTS. I readily recommend Mr. Ribner to anyone who desires to resolve federal tax problems. - Kent S. 5/8/2015

You can't do better in tax....
Mr. Ribner is the most qualified and experienced tax lawyer in the region. Most tax lawyers never go to court. Mr. Ribner has tried cases to juries. This makes a huge difference..... - George L. 5/5/2015

I appreciated the professional way the case was handled.
Clearly very knowledgeable about subject, methods and action necessary. Discussions did not seem directed to client's understanding and knowledge, more directed to far less knowledgeable clients, but extremely thorough in explanation. Would definiately recommend to others in need.Less - Darrell B B. 5/4/2015

Mr. Ribner could not be more helpful!
I went to Mr. Ribner for advise and help with the IRS to resolve my tax issue, I recently met the last of my payment provisions for an Offer in Compromise. This included a Release of Federal Tax Lien. I recommend Cliff to anyone who has any kind of tax issue. He will assist you in resolving your problem - Robert C. 4/25/2015

Relief was found
When my wife and I met with Cliff we were in a bad situation. We owed more in back taxes and penalties than we could possibly pay back in what's left of my life. I had previously secured the service of a "tax help" place and they were not producing in the more than a year time frame they were on the job. Cliff jumped right in and in a relatively short time we had a deal with the IRS to settle for an amount we could handle. He was always "on the job", I always felt like he was working hard to resolve our case. If I ever have a tax problem in the future I will use Cliff again. I trust him and I highly respect his work. I recommend him to anyone who needs tax help.Less - John H. 4/18/2015

Assisted in Military Tax Issue Saved us 16K
While I had the information and documentation to get this particular issue taken care of, Clifford's expertise with dealing with the IRS archaic mentality was critical in the successful appeal and subsequent payment of funds due us. - Rick P P. 4/16/2015

Highly recommend Cliff!!!
The IRS was trying to bully us and making up there own facts. We hired Cliff and he has done a great job of pointing out to them that he understands the laws and rules that they must abide by. We are in appeal at this time and have been for a long time. Cliff has them knowing they have stepped out of bounds, and they are trying to figure out how to get out. - Johnny H. 4/16/2015

Tax Problems? Call Ribner!
Let Cliff Ribner be your mouthpiece to deal with the IRS if you have any tax problems. He is simply the BEST! Totally put my mind at ease when he said "Don't worry, I'll handle it". He can delay, defer, reduce, or eliminate any tax liability you may have. Unfiled returns? No problem, he can handle it. If you are afraid of Big Brother (IRS), hire someone who the IRS is afraid of: Clifford N. Ribner!!! - Mike C. 4/6/2015

Cliff Ribner Is Unsurpassed
I can't imagine that there is a better tax attorney than Cliff Ribner. I say that as an attorney myself (who can't interpret or apply some of the instructions for individual income tax returns, much less the regulations that underlie them). Cliff did a superb job on my tax dispute. Not only did he address the relevant issue with the IRS in an extremely creative and persuasive way, he explained his approach and strategy to me in a manner that made it readily understandable to me. Cliff is attentive and prompt, and his written work is masterful and punctilious. As I stated at the beginning, Cliff Ribner is the epitome of excellence in income tax legal practice. Christopher Johnson, Esq. Salt Lake City, Utah - Christopher J. 3/30/2015

He has done a great job with my case. Any tax problem he is the guy to go to. Friendly and always answer and respond quickly. - Omer A. 3/27/2015

The Standard
Clifford Ribner represents the Gold standard in taxation law. Clifford's depth of knowledge and abilities literally allowed me to sleep at night. He is the Special Forces. - Roger H. 3/25/2015

We couldn't have asked for a better attorney to represent us in our lawsuit.
Attorney Clifford Ribner has been an excellent counselor and has guided us in the direction that was in our best interest. He is very professional and is highly educated in tax laws and tax payers rights. He is not only dedicated to his clients, but he is also reasonably priced. I recommend him to anyone who is tired of being pushed around by the IRS. - Patty H. 3/23/2015

Saved my butt
I was targeted by the IRS for a tax bill from a former employer. The amount nearly $500K. They had already invoiced me for the full amount when I called Cliff. To make a long story short - he got it all straightened out. He knows this tax stuff better than the IRS. - Nick M. 3/17/2015

There is no substitute!
Yes. There are a lot of attorneys out there...but there is only one Clifford Ribner. This man is incredible. He has been on retainer for us for two years and I can't say enough about him. He has helped us with our business and personal issues. He's very articulate, and knows the tax laws better than anyone I've ever conversed with. Don't waste your time or money on anyone else. He's easy to access anytime you need him by phone or his office in Tulsa, Oklahoma. If you want action and need a pitbull on your behalf...Cliffs got your back. And he's very affordable. How often can you say that? We highly, in fact, he's the only attorney we recommend. John R. TNT Activewear. - John R. 3/17/2015



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